Madeon – Good Faith

Madeon’s sophomore album Good Faith is finally out. It’s a beautiful album about growing up and about love. Though the wait has been long, this album is well worth it.

It has finally arrived. Madeon’s eagerly anticipated second album, Good Faith, is available for the whole world to listen to and enjoy. A ten-song, thirty-five-minute celebration. And though it took a long time to arrive, it lives up to the hype that the anticipation built. This album feels like a gift. A reward of making it this far. It’s special in ways that aren’t easy to describe.

The album opens up with the three songs we got as singles. ‘Dream, Dream, Dream’ leading into All My Friends’ and finally ‘Be Fine’. This album is all about growing up. The first half focuses on following dreams and experiencing joy, both positively and negatively.

‘Nirvana’ is one of the top songs on the album for me. It feels the most like classic Madeon. But that isn’t why I love it. The lyrics repeat over and over You may find it hard to breathe. And it definitely has a suffocating and claustrophobic feel to it. The distortion effects on the vocals make it feel like we’re truly struggling to breathe. And the way that it builds and transitions to the next song is seamless.

Ever since I heard it at the Brownies and Lemonade New Year’s Eve show, I have been waiting for ‘Mania’ to be released. So it should come as little surprise that this song is my number one for the album. There’s just something so mystical and epic about it. And the drums that come in at the end and just keep going are magnificent. More songs need to utilize drums like he does. And as I said before, the combination of ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Mania’ i so seamless, the two could almost be one song.

‘Miracle’ marks the second half of the album where the theme changes to focusing more about love. This is one of those songs that I thought I knew what it was going to feel like due to teasers and the live show, but the full experience is completely different. It begins as a tender, melancholy goodbye. A song full of regret. And then it explodes into a joyous choir as it picks up energy. It showcases a true transition of mood through experience. Sadness is okay and understandable, but it will eventually fade. At the end of the song, we get the iconic Can you show me a miracle? It’s gratifying to hear what leads up to this part.

The next song is ‘No Fear No More’. This one stands out because of the children’s chorus. The chants of “No Fear. No More.” They’re very powerful. Through the lyrics, it feels like this song is proving someone wrong. You say this future is a world away / I think you worry way too much. But I think it’s more that he’s reassuring himself. He used to tell himself that the future is a world away and his past self worries too much. This album is truly about growing up, Hugo has mentioned that multiple times himself. So what better way to feel that growing up than by recognizing that there’s no more fear. This is a powerful song. A personal anthem.

A total and complete love song takes the next spot. ‘Hold Me Just Because’ is about unrequited love through and through. And it is absolutely beautiful. Hugo’s singing is at its best in this song. Tender and heartbreaking, another goodbye. Just like ‘Miracle’, we’re saying goodbye, and this time we hope it’s for good. Hold me one last time so I can let you go. It ends with a clip of a woman speaking French. And while I don’t personally speak French, I’m told it translates to: You encouraged me to…
…well, to create something, and –

‘Heavy With Hoping’ was the absolute standout during the live show, and it’s still a standout on the album. One of the saddest songs that Madeon has ever released. It tells another tale of unrequited love. One from childhood, that hasn’t gone away. It’s absolutely heartwrenching. Maybe now we could be ready / Maybe this is just a test of faith / Save me. It’s the opposite of ‘Hold Me Just Because’. In that song, he’s finally ready to let go, but in ‘Heavy With Hoping’ he’s either unable or unwilling. This is what heartbreak sounds like.

We’ve made it to the last song ‘Borealis’. The piano in the intro is so light and lovely. It begins to mend the heartbreak from the past few songs. It even starts with A light from dark. Which is how this feels. Many people have said this song is the spiritual successor to ‘Shelter’ and it does have a few of those notes to it. But it feels more like Hugo talking to himself about what “Madeon” means to him. What has the project been, and what will it become, now that Good Faith is out? He doesn’t know But you’ll be made of passion, out of love.

This album exceeded all expectations. Hugo really outdid himself. And like I’ve been saying all along, it really is the most genuine music that he’s ever made. There were only a few problems I had with the album. They all really stemmed from the order of the tracklisting. I know he had his reasons for why he put the songs where he put them, that’s something that artists spend a lot of time on. It’s very important.

I personally feel that the three singles shouldn’t have been clumped together in the beginning. They sound so different to the rest of the album, that spacing them out would allow them to be appreciated more. There were also a few songs that just felt a bit out of place due to the themes. This album was pretty much split into two themes: Growing up and love. ‘No Fear No More’ feels like it should have been up higher. But that’s just getting nitpicky.

The album was amazing and it’s one that I’m going to be listening to for years on end. Madeon really outdid himself, and he should be proud of what he’s created.

Listen to Good Faith below.

Madeon @ Good Faith Live [Showbox SoDo and Roseland Theatre]

Madeon’s Good Faith Live tour is finally here. It’s a beautiful show that is well worth all of the waiting.

An experience that’s been years in the making, Madeon is finally touring his Good Faith Live show. In one word: Wow. I was lucky enough to see him in both Seattle and Portland and they were some of the best shows that I’ve ever been to.

It’s extremely clear from the first second to the last, just how much work and care that Madeon has put into this show. Each moment blends perfectly into the next, both in terms of the songs and the visuals. We’re being told a story here. There’s been a story the entire time, just as long as we were paying attention.

There were songs from both the new album, as well as new versions of our favorites from Adventure. Getting to experience the blend of the old and new was really special. One of the best examples of this was at the very beginning with ‘Pay No Mind’. It was very smart of Hugo to ease everyone in with something that they already knew, while at the same time, showing how the songs, and his sound, have evolved.

Another thing that has evolved is his singing ability. The three Good Faith singles that we’ve received so far (‘All My Friends’, ‘Dream Dream Dream’ and ‘Be Fine’) all feature his vocals. Then, of course, there’s ‘Shelter’ and a few from Adventure, like ‘Beings’. His singing has improved drastically over the years. He has gained so much more confidence in his voice, and it’s really wonderful to hear.

Now onto the new songs. The songs we haven’t really heard yet, but will be hearing very soon. They did not disappoint. Personally, ever since New Year’s Eve, at the Brownies and Lemonade show, I’ve been obsessed with that beautiful ID that he teased us with. It’s thought to be the song ‘Mania’ on the album, which is great. Getting to hear it with the visuals was what I wanted coming into the show. That was definitely a standout moment for me, but I knew it was coming. I have a similar feeling towards ‘Miracle‘ and ‘No Fear No More’. Two songs that I had already heard during Lollapalooza, but ones that I was so happy to experience live.

But the one song that I was not prepared for, and the one that has thus far been a fan favorite, at least with the people that I’ve talked with, is ‘Heavy With Hoping’. There are few words to describe ‘Heavy With Hoping’. A tender, and tragic love song. A moment of pure emotion. One that leaves us with one huge question: who is the vocalist?! That song knocked me off my feet with its beauty, and I still haven’t recovered.

There has been so much joy surrounding Good Faith Live. Whether it’s from fans or from Hugo himself. It’s just been such a beautiful start to a new era. And what these two shows that I got to see really proved was just how worth the wait everything has been. Every agonizing moment hungering for new music, or for him to just do something was all building up to this (and the album that’s coming out next week). And it was worth it.

If you have the chance to go see Good Faith Live, please do yourself a favor and do it. You will not regret a single second.

Madeon – Be Fine

The third single of Madeon’s Good Faith Era, ‘Be Fine’, is an intensely personal reassurance that everything will eventually be okay.

The third single of Madeon’s Good Faith Era, ‘Be Fine’ is just as beautiful as the previous two. A song that feels like a mantra, a reassurance. Whether that’s to us, the listeners, or to himself, it’s impossible to say. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? He will be fine. We all will.

‘Be Fine’ was introduced during Episode Three of Good Faith Radio. It features the choir that we fell in love with in ‘Dream Dream Dream’. As well as vocals once again from Madeon, which is a continuing theme of the album, as we know it so far.

On GFR, he talked about how this song is about joy, which seems to be the overarching feeling of the album. But he also mentioned that this song in particular, shows a dark side of joy. That it can be found from the wrong places.

This alludes to mental health and depression, something that Hugo addressed on Twitter the other day. “It felt wrong finishing and releasing music celebrating joy when I couldn’t feel that joy at all anymore.”

Don’t tell me that I might / I will be fine again
The struggle to pull yourself out of a dark place, through whatever means necessary. Fake it til you make it. Tell yourself you’re going to be fine, even if you don’t believe it and eventually it will become true. And hopefully, it has become true for him.

The idea of Good Faith continues to grow and grow as we learn more about it. An album that is deeply personal to Hugo. A celebration of joy, both good and bad. The struggle to find oneself, and at the same time, the promise of being found.

‘Be Fine’ feels the most personal we’ve gotten yet, which seemed impossible after Dreamx3. But this third single feels like such a moment of humanity. An admission of needing help. Strength in weakness. The opening of the delicate piano followed directly by the choir reinforces that as well.

The album will hopefully be out soon, but until then, we’ve been given three beautiful singles to enjoy and understand. Each a glimpse into Madeon and who he truly is.

Madeon – Dream Dream Dream

Madeon has released his second single of the Good Faith Era. ‘Dream Dream Dream’ is without a doubt, the most beautiful song he’s ever released.

The second song of Madeon’s Good Faith Era has finally been released, and it’s absolutely stunning. ‘Dream Dream Dream’ is one of the most important songs that have ever been created. And it’s certainly one of the best that Hugo’s ever released. His first single, ‘All My Friends’ blew me away, but ‘Dreamx3’ is on a whole new level.

It opens up in a typical Madeon way, with clever and well crafted vocal chops. It’s what he’s known for. But immediately, our expectations are subverted. The vocals are from a choir. From the first second, this song feels like Heaven.

As it builds, and as the drums and the synths are added, it feels like we’re going on a journey. We’re climbing and climbing. By the time the vocals come in, we’re well on our way up this mountain. It’s a beautiful climb, but we’re very lost in our own mind. Nothing is true. Anymore.

Once we begin to feel the weight of our dreams, we’ve reached the summit. But our eyes are closed. Arms stretched out to either side, as the wind whips our hair. The music swells and our eyes open. Everything is going to be alright. The weight of our dreams is a comfortable burden to bear. Your heart can heal the pain.

This song is about being terrified of our passions and of the future, then coming to terms with it. Of being proud of what we’ve achieved. Of feeling joy in creating and living. But acknowledging that it’s hard and you have to work for it.

And that’s why it’s so important. These are feelings that everyone has felt. But often we stop at the beginning. We stop at the fear. We’re overwhelmed by the weight. There’s no experiencing that joy of the release. Getting to experience the process of getting to that other side through Madeon may allow people to eventually get there themselves. To realize that the fight for your dreams is worth it.

Madeon spoke in his radio show, Good Faith Radio, about one of the songs he played feeling like ‘sunshine’. Dreamx3 has a feeling too. It feels like the future. Like freedom. I’m finally recovered.

Hugo has truly outdone himself with this song. It makes you want to grin and cry at the same time. And lyrics…the repetition of I feel the weight of my dreams just drives it home. And it’s powerful.

If these two singles are anything to go off of, Good Faith is going to beyond comprehension. And it is without a doubt the most genuine side of Madeon we have ever seen.

Please listen to ‘Dream Dream Dream’ you owe it to yourself to experience to this beauty.

Madeon Announces Good Faith Radio

Madeon announced that he will be premiering his newest single on his new Good Faith Radio show. Tune in this Wednesday at 11 AM on Beats 1!

The Good Faith Era is the gift that keeps on giving, as Madeon reveals more and more. He announced today that he will be premiering his newest single, ‘Dream Dream Dream’ (the Madeon Discord fans called that one) this Wednesday. But that’s not all. He announced that it will be premiered on Good Faith Radio, his new radio show.

The show will begin at 11 AM PST on Wednesday, July 10th. It is hosted on Beats 1, which is free (thankfully!).

And this isn’t just a platform for Madeon to premiere his new single. This also will tie into the Good Faith Project that he announced the other day.

In a tweet, he stated “It’s a space I want us to share, I want to introduce you to my favorite things and showcase some of the amazing music and art you create.”

It stands to reason that he will also be answering the fan questions, as well as reading the “Special Song” submissions.

This is so exciting and a great way for Madeon to give back to his fans. There are also some theories that he will be announcing the album release date, so definitely be sure to listen in, if you can.

This is so exciting and we can’t wait to see what the Good Faith Era brings next.